Cross Country

Wesham Road Runners compete in the Mid-Lancs Cross Country League and also in regional cross country events such as the Lancashire Championship. Cross country is free to enter and refreshments are provided from our club tent.

Cross Country is a team event with a scoring system similar to the inter-club series, but the races are run through fields rather than on road. The races are usually approximately 10k for men and 6k for women. There is also a full programme of junior races with the shortest being around 2k for u11s.

The condition of the running surface can vary. Sometimes the majority of the route is on trail like paths, but more often, the courses offer heavily muddy sections. Cross country spikes are the best footwear for most races, but some runners prefer trail shoes on the firmer courses.

To compete in cross country events, you will need to be allocated a running number by one of our cross country captains. You can also speak to our captains if you are considering running cross country for the first time. Both John Collier and Kay Twist are frequently at our Monday club nights if you want more information or you can contact us here.

2024/25 Cross Country Races

Cross country races will begin again in Autumn 2024. Please check back for race details later in the year.

To qualify for the competition, you must complete any three of the races. Awards can be won in the following Open and Vets categories:

  • Men – Open, Vet 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60 and 70+
  • Women – Open, Vet 35, 40, 45, 50, 55 and 60+
  • Points awarded based on WRR finishing position in Open and Vets categories as follows:-
    • 1st home gets one point, 2nd home 2 points, etc., in each category
    • Best 3 races to score.
    • Lowest score wins each category – in the event of a tie the 4th score counts and if still a tie the person who has completed the most qualifying races will win.
    • One award per person