Voting Procedure

A member shall be able to vote by email prior to the AGM or SGM (hereafter referred to as The Event), where voting for election(s) are required as part of The Event.

Members shall only have 1 vote whether in person at The Event or by email prior to The Event.

Members will be able to vote for their preferred nominee by sending an email to the club Secretary or other nominated person.

The club will contact all members by email at least 3 weeks prior to The Event with a list of nominees.

All members will have at least 2 weeks to give their vote.

During the 7 days prior to The Event, members are NOT permitted to vote by email. Votes received during this 7 day period will be forfeited.


Nominees for elections that require members to vote will be determined at least 1 month prior to The Event.  The Club will contact members at least 6 weeks prior to The Event to invite nominees for election(s).


Members must notify the club to be considered for nomination (hereafter referred to as Self-nomination) to a forthcoming position. Self-nominations require a different member (hereafter referred to as a Seconder) to second the Self-nomination.

Self-nominations for The Event must be completed by email or in person to the Club Secretary or other nominated person. A Seconder must contact the Club Secretary or other nominated person to second the Self-nomination.

The club will NOT contact members to seek a Seconder on the Self-nominators behalf.

Self-nomination will be forfeited if a Seconder is not forthcoming prior to the 1 month period as defined in Nominees above.