20th January – Alex’s Newspaper Report

The Wesham men at the Blackpool Mid Lancs cross country on Saturday.

January is a good month for athletics with some top road races intermingled with the cross country season, and last weekend was a busy one in the Fylde area.

The fourth and penultimate fixture of the Mid Lancs Cross Country League took place on Saturday on Blackpool’s Lawsons Ground, with Wesham helping the other Fylde clubs in setting up and marshalling the courses. Wesham also fielded good sizeable men’s and women’s teams in the senior events. The Women’s event was held over 3 medium laps totalling a 6km distance, and Emma Lund headed the Wesham team placing 51st and 12th W40 with a time of 30:34, a good start for the team. Kay Twist finished 73rd and 10th W50 in 32:57 with Lisa Minns placing 76th and 8th W55 in a time of 33:24. Alona Versinina was 80th and 8th W35 in 34:00 and Kirsty Holland 96th in 36:08. Clare Belfield finished 102nd and 20th W40 with a time of 37:06. In the incorporated Over-70 Men’s race over the same 5km course Dave Young was 9th overall and 2nd M75 in 41:06. The Women’s A team were 6th in Division 2 and the ladies fielded a “B” team for the first time this season. The W35 team were 15th and the W45s are 12th with only one score so far this season. The Senior Men’s race was held over 4 long laps totalling 10km and Adam Wilding finished well up in 12th place in a time of 33:00. Mark Belfield was 34th and 8th M40 in 34:56 with Dan Bolton 36th with his time of 34:59. Jamie Houghton came in 48th with a good effort in 35:59. David Taylor was 56th in 36:15 with Chris Haines finishing 101st in 39:27 and Will Parkinson 102nd with 39:33. Carl Groome placed 108th and 14th M50 in 40:01 and Steve Myerscough was 120th and 13th M45 with 40:49. Nigel Shepherd finished 165th and 4th M65 in 45:17 with Martin Bates 174th and 7th M65 in 47:23. John Collier was right behind in 175th for 8th M65 with his time 47:31. The Wesham were 3rd in Division 2 with an outside change of promotion back to Division 1 if they can muster a strong team next month in Burnley. The “B” team were 5th in Division 2 with the Vet-40 team 2nd in Division 2 with a good prospect of promotion. The men Vet-50 languish in 10th place and the vet-60s 4th with very few complete team scores for any club in this Division.

The Garstang 10k is one of the most popular January races attracting runners from far and wide and is a god opener for the new year. Wesham had a strong contingent with several runners doubling up from the previous day’s cross country and some event triple counting having run a parkrun for Saturday breakfast. Chris Haines had run the previous day in the cross country and today he finished 12th for the 6 miles in 39:02. Carl Groome completed the triple with a time of 40:48 for 27th place and 3rd M55. Bradley Flatt finished 30th in 41:18 and Lee Barlow was 36th overall and 3rd M50 with 42:02. Stuart Mulrooney placed 44th in 43:34 for 5th M40, with Ian Nichols Hogg 60th in 45:09. Carmel Sullivan finished 9th woman and 1st W55 in 46:01 for 64th place overall, with Mick Edge close behind in 67th place for 9th M60 in a time of 46:39.  Natalie Mulrooney was 15th woman and 4th W40 in 49:44 placing 93rd overall. Andrew Wilkinson was 97th and 9th M55 in 50:03 with Alan Hudson procuring 2nd Over-70 in 108th place in 51:40. Finlay McCalman finished 114th in 52:18 for 13th M55. Peter Rooney was 133rd and 4th M65 in 54:25; Andy Moore 134th with 54:52; and Paul Carter placed 153rd in 57:01. Sharlan Butcher finished 38th woman and 12th W50 in 57:20, 158th overall, and Dawn Biggs was 41st woman and 3rd W55 in 57:35 for 164th place.

In the Power of 5km at the Salt Ayre cycle track in Lancaster on Friday evening Steve Abbott ran 18:17 for 3rd M45 in 20th place overall.

There were many Wesham members out running a 5km parkrun on Saturday morning at 9am in sometimes drizzly and damp conditions. In Lytham Hall Mark Holton ran the 4th fastest time of the day with 21:45 for an M45 age graded performance of 65.21%. Jonathan Lawson ran 23:21 for an M55 graded 66.38% and Ian Nichols Hogg clocked 24:50 for 52.35%. Antoinette Holton recorded 29:53 for a W35 graded 50.86% with Liz Sharrocks on 31:21 for W60 63.69%. Jack Rayson ran 33:41 for 38.40%; Tony Sharrocks had 42:33 for M60 38.03%; and Phil Leaver was recovered from heart surgery to produce a fast walk of 50:43 for an M70 34.77%. At the neighbouring Blackpool parkrun in Stanley Park Daniel Bolton produced the fastest time of the morning of 17:43 for an age graded 72.81%. Tom Crabtree was 6th fastest in 20:17 for 63.93% and Carl Groome kicked off his weekend triple with the 7th-fastest time of 20:30 for M55 74.96%. Rob Wallace returned 23:11 for 55.79%; Alona Versinina on the double with the cross country across the road had 28:10 for a W35 graded 53.25%; and Andy Moore ran 29:56 for an M60 54.51%. Louisa Denye recorded 31:56 for W45 49.74% and Sue Rigby clocked 37:22 for W50 44.87%. In the Preston run in Avenham and Miller parks Paul Carter warmed up with 31:06 for M50 48.98% and Ryan Azzopardi travelled to the Princes parkrun in Liverpool adjacent to Sefton Park for a time of 25:14 and an age graded M40 55.35%. Martin Bates ran the Bolton parkrun in Leverhulme Park in a time of 27:38 for an M65 61.82% and Steven Gore completed the East Park run in Wolverhampton for the second fastest time of 18:19 for M40 75.61%. Vicky Gore clocked 24:25 for W45 67.03%. North East parkruns featured Emma Brook on home ground for the Riverside run in Chester-Le-Street for a time of 28:13 with a W40 age graded 54.52% and Emma Wright was visiting the Tyne Green parkrun in Hexham and ran 27:28 for W45 58.37%.