Notice of Annual General Meeting

Notice is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting of Wesham Road Runners will be held at Kirkham and Wesham Cricket Club, Woodlands Road, Kirkham, PR4 2JQ on Monday 26th February at 6.30pm PROMPT

Every fully paid up First Claim Member, Second Claim Member, Social Member and Life Member of Wesham Road Runners and AC is entitled to attend and vote. In addition, any of the aforementioned Members, who will not be attending the AGM, are entitled to vote by email only from 00;01hrs on 5th February , to  23:59 hrs on 18th February. Any votes received outside of this period will NOT be counted.

Honorary Members are very welcome to attend, but cannot vote at this meeting.

If anyone wishes to propose a change to the Constitution, please can they let me have it in writing no later than Sunday 18th February 2024.

I would ask and encourage, where possible, all members to attend and participate in our AGM – it is your club!

Club Committee

            Present Officers

            Chairperson – Peter Rooney

            Vice Chairperson – Ryan Azzopardi

            General Secretary – Susan Rigby

            Membership Secretary – Peter Earnshaw

            Treasurer – Peter Cooke

            Present Members

            Men’s Captain – Steven Myerscough

            Ladies Captain – Kirsty Holland

            Men’s XC Captain – John Collier

            Ladies XC Captain – Kay Twist

            Press Secretary – Alex Rowe

            Race Director – David Taylor

            I.T/Web Administrator – Emma Wright (currently Co-opted)

            Coach Co-ordinator – Kerry Eccles

            Co-opted Members (up to 3) – Carl Groome , Emma Wright 

Current Members/Officers standing down

            Peter Rooney – Chairperson

            Peter Earnshaw – Membership Secretary

All positions are open to nominees. We would encourage anyone who wishes to put themselves or someone else, forward for a position that they do so without hesitation. Job descriptions can be found on the club website via the following link:

and clicking on the photographs.

If you wish to nominate someone for a position, please speak to that person first to make sure that they are willing to stand, then find a seconder, and advise me.  If you wish to stand yourself just let me know.  Nominations must be received in writing no later than Sunday 28th January.

As at the 29th January, i will be issuing a similar email which will include the names of any nominees for the various Committee posts. This will then include all the names of the current Committee Officers/Members who are willing to stand again.

This complies with the constitution and the email voting procedures. 

In order for the club to continue to thrive and progress, it needs it’s members to be willing to take up Committee positions.